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Contact Information:
Jerry Skrypzak

Vice President
Ed Kissell

Don Tombaugh

John Krupinski

Mail: PO Box 3605
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508

Phone/Fax: 814-453-2270


Adopt a Park seemed like a good idea. So the SONS of Lake Erie took on the project. The Bay Front Parkway was completed and the whole Waterfront Area was taking on a new and exciting look. New developments and beautification projects were in place. A tiny little piece of property that was located on the Northeast corner of West 8th and the Bay Front Parkway. It was of no use for any development. Ed Kissell our president at the time saw it differently he approached the City of Erie Administration and had the property designated as SONS of Lake Erie Park. The park was dedicated to the deceased members of the SONS especially Bud Winschell our first president. Winschell Brothers' Landscaping, Bud's sons, joined the project and developed a design to best show off the area. Allburn florists donated plants. A large stone and commemorative plaque was added as a monument to our deceased members. A beautiful sign that says "Welcome to Erie's Bay Front" greets visitors as they pass. Ed Kissell and the Winschell brothers maintain the park. The park is the subject of much attention and awards from the Garden Club. Not bad for a fishing club!

Several years later the Bay Front connecter was completed on the East side to I-90. Another piece of land at the corner of the Port access Rd. and the Bay Front Connector was just looking for some attention. Ed was at again and together with Potratz Florists another park was put in place. This park welcomes visitors coming from the East.

Ed Kissell, S.O.N.S. Vice-President watering the S.O.N.S. park at West 8th and the Bayfront Parkway.


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