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Ed Kissell

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 Since the early days of our club we have had a focus and concern for the safety of all of those who fish, boat, hunt, swim or just like to hang out near the water. We have followed up on this commitment over the years in many ways. We have supplied nearly 100 life rings to Presque Isle State Park for placement along the shores. We have donated radar units and radios to the PFBC for the Lake Erie patrol boats. When the boats were replaced with new ones, the radar gear was donated to the EFD for their new boat. We have provided ice rescue suits to PISP rangers. Our biggest commitment has been to the Erie Fire Department Water Rescue team.  We have been advocates of this team since its inception in the late 1990ís. We began our support by purchasing and donating a used aluminum body step van for their equipment and use. It is still in operation today. We also supplied diving gear. In 2019 we donated $5500 to cover the 2019 training new divers and the cost of 3 rescue suits. In 2021 the SONS continued the support by donating $2000 to train 7 new divers.

The SONS present $2000 check to sponsor diver training

The Erie Fire Department Water Rescue Team

The SONS persuaded the City of Fire Dept. to form a water rescue team composed of fire fighters who would be trained as rescue divers. After several years of planning, training and preparation Mayor Joyce Savocchio gave the program the go ahead. The SONS funded the purchase of dive equipment. We also purchased a step van for the team. Today rescue divers are on duty 24/7. The Erie Fire Department has done a tremendous job forming this Water Rescue team. They are able to respond to a water emergency in less than 5 minutes

Mayor Savocchio inaugurates water rescue team
he SONS purchased radar unit and marine radios for the PFBC Lake Erie patrol boats. When these boats were replaced by new boats the radar units were transferred to the Erie Fire Dept where they reused on the EFD rescue boat

Life Rings at various locations on Presque Isle State Park were donated by the SONS of Lake Erie