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Handicapped access to our fishing resources is a matter of concern  to the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie fishing club There were two areas on the South pier of the channel that enters into Lake Erie from Presque Isle Bay. The 3000 ft pier presented physical barriers to wheel chair bound anglers. One area was a depression that required walking up and down steps and crawling under a pipe. The other was a raised area between two sections that required climbing up and down the obstacle. The S.O.N.S tackled the first obstacle by purchasing and installing a galvanized bridge over the gap. Cerwin Contruction Co. donated Equipment and manpower to the project.

The Bridge is ready to Install

The bridge was dedicated by Port Authority Chaplain, Rev. Tom Sniderwein to our deceased members  whose family members are shown here.         

The second barrier was conquered thanks to Carrara Steel Co. who constructed a ADA handicapped accessible ramp to ease the height barrier, the SONS supplied the wooden deck, and volunteers from Carrara steel and the SONS constructed the ramp on the South Pier. The project was spearheaded by S.O.N.S. Director, Joe Soder.

The S.O.N.S of Lake Erie have partnered with the Presque Isle Partnership on many projects. Our proudest is our attention to handicap access. The SONS contributed over $5000.00 toward the construction of a handicap accessible floating fishing pier. The pier is located in the East Waterworks pond on the park.

The S.O.N.S. partnered with DCNR and provided the materials to construct a handicapped accessible  ramp to the North pier of the channel between Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay on Presque Isle state park. The maintenance staff from Presque Isle provided the labor, the design and the equipment. The ramp was completed in early summer 2006.


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