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Jerry Skrypzak

Vice President
Ed Kissell

Don Tombaugh

Terry Pfeffer

Mail: PO Box 3605
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Phone/Fax: 814-453-2270


Newsletter The S.O.N.S. publish a monthly newsletter, ('The Bucket") that is mailed to its members. It contains articles and information that is of interest to our readers. 

March 2019 Bucket

Next Meeting – Monday, March  25 , 2019 at 7:30 PM at the Polish Falcons Club 431 E. 3rd St.

PROGRAM: Dr. Jeanette Schnarrs, Director of the Regional Science Consortium, will talk about Harmful Algal Blooms, how to identify and report them and what effects they have on the fishery.

FISHING REPORT: Ice fishing is just about over.  It was a mediocre year to say the least. Its time to shift gears into our spring mode.


The S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie’s family friendly event, the “ICE OUT PARTY” will be held on Sunday, April 7th , 2019 at the Erie Shrine Club, 2525 West 38th St. Erie, PA from 1:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M

The price of admission to the party is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for kids under 16, payable at the door (toddlers 3 and under are free). Free hot dogs and refreshments will be furnished throughout the afternoon. There will be numerous door prizes and games for your enjoyment. 

If  you have not as of yet sent in your Fin and Fur Raffle tickets you can bring them to our March 25th General Meeting or  you may deposit your tickets in person at the “ICE OUT PARTY” or you can mail them back with your donation in the envelope provided with your Fin and Fur packet. 


The Erie Sport and Travel Expo has been very successful for us over the last 36 years of participation. This year 42 volunteers worked to help with the show set up on Thursday February 28th another 24 worked helped with setup on the morning of Friday March 1st. . Eighteen more volunteers manned our booth Friday. Twenty two worked on Saturday March 2nd and Fourteen more on Sunday March 3rd   worked at our booth. Twenty eight more volunteers helped tear down the show on Sunday. These great volunteers worked more than 500 man hours. Thanks to all for your hard work.  

Our hard working volunteers have spent hundreds of man hours over the last few months at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center shows and gun raffles selling raffle tickets and memberships.
During the three convention center shows our team sold 1265 raffle tickets and 366 memberships while our gun raffle team sold 1607 raffle tickets and 88 memberships. Great job! There is still a downside however we are still below our goal of reaching a 3000 membership. They have tried. Now its your turn. Sign a friend or relative today.


L to R Standing Gerry Vollentine, Mike Felege, Rick Nyberg, Cas Haraburda, Chuck Miller and Seated Bill Stewart, Bill Henderson Jack Bock and Rich Smith pose in front of SONS new booth backdrop while waiting for the Erie Sport and Travel Expo to open.


Many of our local social clubs have recently distributed the proceeds from their small games of chance profits amongst non-profit organizations such as us. The following clubs: The American Legion Post #105, American Legion-Carl Neff Post, Cascade Park Club, CYS Club, Knights of St. John, Loyal Order of the Moose, Moniuszko Singing Society, North East Athletic Club Nuova Aurora Society, Polish Falcons Club Nest #610, Pulaski Club, Seibenbuerger Singing Society, Society of the Holy Trinity, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 4789, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 5958, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2006, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #470 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #740 have generously donated over $12,000.00 to the SONS of Lake Erie. The monies from the veteran’s organization will be used exclusively to provide a fishing experience for our veterans.  

We are currently signing up vets at our events for this summer’s fishing season. Interested veterans can fill out a card which will be added to others collected. We will then hold a drawing and those whose names are drawn will be given a voucher to go fishing on either the Perch Pirate or Edward John head boats. Weather and scheduling restraints have prompted us to proceed in this way rather than trying to organize large groups excursions. We will have sign up cards available at our ICE OUT PARTY.


The 14th annual Winterfest was held this year at Frontier Park on Sunday, February 10, 2019.More than 400 adults and children participated in the fun on a cold but tolerable overcast day. There were all kinds of activities available including face painting, horse drawn wagon rides, ice carving, kid’s craft projects and more. The SONS of Lake Erie have participated in the event since its inception by the L.E.A. F. organization. This year was no different. Sixteen of our volunteers dressed warm, set up a tent and an ice fishing game and entertained scores of kids. Allof the kids who participated were given a toy and a treat. 


In 2016 Sea Grant funded researchers at Penn State University to assess the economic impact and significance of the recreational fishing industry within the Pennsylvania section of Lake Erie, and provide insights to angler experiences.  

The study utilized a mixed methodology, which resulted in 1,189 completed online and mail-back questionnaires of Lake Erie anglers.  

The study concluded that in 2016 fishing activities brought in an estimated $40.6 million in revenue to Erie, County PA.  

Erie-based anglers spent an average of $459 on expenditures such as groceries, gas and fishing tackle. It found that fishermen visiting the region reported spending $503 on overnight lodging and accommodations, gas and food and drinks at restaurants and bars.

Pennsylvania Lake Erie angling supports approximately 539 jobs within Erie County and provides more than 13 million in income for Erie County residents.\

The study also found that 74% of respondents live in Pennsylvania but report traveling an average of 103 miles to their fishing destinations. Approximately 78% of the anglers had a strong connection to the region and that it meant a lot to them. They identified a variety of reasons and motivations for visiting the Pennsylvania section of Lake Erie including: to be outdoors, to experience natural surroundings, to be close to nature, to get away from the regular routine, for relaxation and to do things with your companions. 

Anglers reported high levels of satisfaction with the setting and environmental conditions for the Pennsylvania section of Lake Erie, with more than 60% reported being satisfied with water quality, cleanliness and habitat conditions. 

Anglers were most likely to fish from a private boat (41%), or the shoreline (39%), while fishing from a pier (13%), a charter boat (7%), a rental boat( <1%) and ice fishing (<1%) represented the smaller angler segments. 

Fishermen reported targeting Steelhead (27%), Walleye (26%), Yellow Perch (18%), Smallmouth Bass (11%). Other species targeted included Brown Trout (5%), Crappie (2%),Musky (2%) and Bluegill/Sunfish (2%) 

On the national front, the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) teamed up with Southwick Associates to create the 2019 Economic Contributions of Recreational Fishing using this data. The study concluded that  America’s 49 million anglers generate nearly $50 billion in retail sales with a $125 billion impact on the nation’s economy creating employment for more 800,000 people.

To see the complete Sea Grant study go to: http://seagrant.psu.edu/topics/research/assessing-economic-impact-and-value-recreational-fishing-lake-erie-waters

Listen up Erie County planners, government officials and other movers and shakers! We are not just a bunch of old guys fishing while sitting on a bucket.  Our sport matters!


FAIRVIEW, Pa. [February 19, 2019] - In a joint effort, FishUSA®, America’s Tackle Shop®, and the American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) are collaborating to give back to the fishing communities of the Great Lakes region by supporting the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS). At a time when Great Lakes anglers are experiencing record-breaking fishing opportunities, the retailer, manufacturer, and network of researchers is aiming to further enhance the region’s fishing resources long into the future. 

GLATOS is a bi-national network of researchers who study how different fish species behave in the Great Lakes. Researchers capture a number of fish, surgically implant an acoustic telemetry tag, and release the tagged fish back into the water. ​The tag tracks each fish’s movement over time and transmits information to acoustic receivers placed throughout the Great Lakes.

Mark Haffley, Biologist with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and GLATOS researcher, says, “Better understanding fish movement and fish migration in Lake Erie is crucial in proper management of each species. As the Great Lakes change, so does the behavior of the fish within them. Studying their movement and spawning locations give us the best chance to make the proper management decisions to benefit not only the resource but the fishermen that utilize them.”  

There are currently 69 active GLATOS projects throughout the Great Lakes and connecting waterways. Within these projects, dozens of species and thousands of fish have been tagged. The receivers have registered hundreds of millions of detections from the migrating fish. 

From a Great Lakes fishery standpoint the three-way partnership represents a big step forward for everyone involved.  

“Scientists and biologists study the species we like to fish for, and their research helps set regulations so that fish populations remain healthy for recreational and commercial anglers”, says Justin DiRado, FishUSA’s Social Media & Community Outreach Manager. “Fishing license and equipment purchases help fund state fisheries agencies, and private businesses are working to offer better fishing equipment for anglers so they can enjoy those resources even more. Everyone is interacting every day, so we have to work together to create the best situation for the fishing industry and the environment. Forming this partnership between AFTCO, GLATOS, and FishUSA benefits anglers, scientists, managers, manufacturers and sellers of fishing gear, not to mention it improves the resources we’re all supporting.” 

“You have a situation where researchers always need funding support for their work. AFTCO is a household name in saltwater fishing, and we’re diving head-first into the freshwater fishing market. What better place to make a statement than supporting the Great Lakes and the biggest freshwater [fishing] market in the country?” says Matt Florentino, AFTCO’s Marketing Director. 

“FishUSA is elated to be partnering with AFTCO and GLATOS, and we look forward to an exciting campaign with these outstanding organizations. Although our FishUSA.com website serves customers across the U.S. and globally, a significant number live and fish across the Great Lakes region home, and our Pro Shop and headquarters are only a few minutes from the shores of Lake Erie”, states Jeff Parnell, the company’s President and CEO. 

 The three-way partnership formally begins in the spring of 2019. ​Through the partnership, a portion of proceeds from AFTCO and FishUSA sales will go to GLATOS to fund fisheries research in a region that supports thousands of jobs, millions of anglers, and a multi-billion dollar fishing economy.​ AFTCO performance apparel can now be purchased at FishUSA, co-branded apparel is in production, and contributions are already being made to GLATOS. 


Recently retired PFBC  Executive Director, John Arway sent us an email recently expounding on how much he is enjoying his retirement wondering like the rest of us, when did we have time to work?

Left -former PFBC Boss John Arway dressed like Jerimiah Johnson for muzzle loader hunting.
Right -John ice fishing with his grandson,
Leif, at Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir at Bald Eagle State Park in northern Centre County. He said that Ice fishing has been good. They kept 33 panfish that day with several 50 fish days this year!

46 ICE FISHERMAN WERE RESCUED near Catawba Island on western Lake Erie by US Coast Guard and First Responders on March 9th from an ice flow that broke away from the land.

WE ARE THE S.O.N.S. of LAKE ERIE by Chuck Miller

We are the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie

It stands for ”Save Our Native Species”

Cause we raise and stock the fishies

We are the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie 

It’s more than access and habitat

We’ll teach your kids fishing

If that’s what you are wishing

It don’t get any better than that 

We are the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie 

We fish with the Vets 

Cause they covered our bets

We are the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie 

You can find us on the pier most any time of year

Walleye and Perch are what’s for dinners

They are the winners

On the lake on the piers or on the Streams

We are the fishing club of your dreams 

We are the S.O.NS. Of Lake Erie 

Nothing gets to your soul like a kid and a tug on a fishing pole

Make no mistake

We are the guardians of the lake

We are the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie 

  UPCOMING EVENTS Rev. 3-12-19 (Note PISP= Presque Isle State Park)

Sat. April 6, 10-12 Frontier Park 6th St. Side Cascade Creek Clean-Up Volunteers needed
Sun. April 7  1-5 Erie Shrine Club SONS Ice Out Party
Sat. April 13 8-12 Waterworks Pond PISP,  1st Day of Trout Volunteers needed
Sat.  April 20 8-12 Rotary Pavilion PISP,  Spring Clean Up volunteers need to prepare and serve lunch for park clean up participants.
Wed.  April 24 9-12 Girard Borough Park Pond Special Needs Kids fishing Volunteers needed Sat. April 27, 10-2 Waterworks Pond PISP Family Fishing event in conjunction with  WQLN PBS Nature Series Program Volunteers needed

1990 Carver Montego 26 ft  Model 2557, Fiberglass hull, Merc Cruiser 350, galley, head, shower, radio, power trim tabs, AC/DC refrigerator, nice, low hours, Asking $8,500.00 Call Dennis at 814-450-0190 Can be seen at Lampe Marina.
on Crooked Creek in North Springfield, PA Call David at 814-882-2927.

Wanted Old photographs of Erie’s Waterfront-Ships, Boats, Buildings, Fishing, and Fishermen, Railroads etc. Call Jerry at 814-452-6291. I would like to borrow and scan them for my slide presentations.


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