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Waterworks Pond Project
Presque Isle State Park has two man made ponds located within. These ponds were used as sediment settling basins for the City of Erie Waterworks. They are no longer used for that purpose but yet offer a tremendous fishing opportunity, especially for the young or handicapped anglers. The pond is well populated with a variety of fish, especially bluegills. Using the right equipment, a junior angler can catch these fish and enjoy a positive fishing experience. 

DCNR recognized this opportunity and with the support of the Presque Isle Partnership, the Rotary Club and the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie and other granting agencies a magnificent floating fishing pier was constructed. (See our Handicapped Access Page)

This platform in the East Waterworks pond provides an excellent platform for our many educational programs. We use this area for "Fish for Free" day, Millcreek Summer recreation program, Allegheny Earth Force Day etc.

The PFBC stocks the pond with Trout to further enhance the ponds fishery. The pond attracts hundreds of anglers on the first day of trout season. A special area for kids fishing only is set aside. DCNR personnel and SONS. volunteers offer assistance and help to the young anglers. Equipment and bait is provided free of charge. Prizes are awarded to all who participate.



Waterworks Pond fishing pier

The shore of the pond is elbow to elbow anglers