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North East School District S.T.E.M. and Vine Program

For two years in a row SONS of Lake Erie volunteers have partnered with the  education staffs from Mercyhurst University and the North East, PA in a  what is called  a STEM and Vine  program. The program is designed to teach students how science, technology, engineering and math can be applied to everyday life  experiences like fishing. The program offers a into our watersheds and water quality. the students built fish habitat structures which they deployed into Eaton Reservoir. Another aspect of the program is the Trout in the Classroom program where trout are raised to a catchable size and then released into Lake Peasant. They also schooled in the basics of fishing,  fly tying and fly fishing. They are also instructed in safety and fishing etiquette.

As part of the program an outdoor event was held on May 11th at at Gibson Park in North East, PA where volunteers from the SONS taught the students casting skills. There were also representatives from various environmental, governmental, and manufacturing entities talked to the students about their work and their application o STEM to their work.

On May 30th the program was concluded for the year when students from the program and their instructors went out to Eaton Reservoir for an afternoon of fishing. SONS volunteers were on hand to help. These students displayed some great skills at fishing. They caught some nice fish.  Obviously the skills they displayed showed the effectiveness of this program.