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After several months of hard work and great fun, on Friday May 24th the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie float was moved to the marshalling area near West 11th and Cherry St. the night before the Perry 200 Celebration Grand Parade .  Some of the crew babysat the float throughout the night. They had a cook out and a great time. On Saturday morning, May 25th, we assembled with the float along with the other 10,000 parade participants. We were directed into the parade at approx. 1:30 PM. . We were towed by a truck driven by Bill Henderson. Jack Klapthor and Gerry Vollentine rode in the bed of the pick up along with a huge quantity of candy for the kids along the route. As we went out onto W 12th St it became evident that a huge crowd had gathered along the parade route on this absolutely gorgeous day.

Connor Grabinski was dressed in a blue pike costume and along with Dan and Kristen Benczkowski, Madison Miller, Greg Maygen Luce, Larry Lipinski, John and Katie Krupinski,  Kyle  and Casey Grabinski passed out candy and small containers of candy to kids along the one and a half mile parade route. There were 500 containers of candy. Two hundred of the containers contained a coupon for a free rod and reel which were distributed randomly to the kids.

The "crew" on the S.O.N.S. float consisted of S.O.N.S. senior member honorary Captain, Casey Nowakowski, SONS Pres. Jerry Skrypzak, Secretary, Ralph Corvaglia, Treasurer, Terry Pfeffer, Director, Bob Zawadzki and float committee members Chuck Miller, Ken Minns, Rich Brine, Rich Smith, Kelsey Grabinski and Char Markiewicz.

The float was followed by another pick up driven by______________ with __________ and _____________riding in the bed along with a fish statue which was provided by Walnut Creek Middle School.

Ray Halt followed along the route taking photos along the way. Thanks to Ray's wife who was stationed at 4th and State St. taking photos of the Parade. Scroll down to see some great pictures of the great Perry 200 Celebration parade.

See how the S.O.N.S. float was built