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For nearly 2 years of upgrades and repairs.Our hatchery committee composed of Chairman Jack Bock and members Don Tomgaugh, Rich Smith, Joe Springer, Bob Zawadzki and volunteer Ron Morrow have been hard at work refurbishing our 35 year old hatchery building. They have been adding many improvements and changes including new lighting and wiring, new storage cabinets, removed obsolete equipment, added shelving, new refrigerator and freezer, fish mounts etc. In October 2019  we had to replace our hatchery water intake which was damaged in 2018. Concern for high water levels also identified repairs. A painting company, Awesome Paint Co.  was hired to repaint the interior of the building . The upgrades cost over $18,000.00.

Hatchery Wiring
Electricians from Connecto Electric at work rewiring SONS Hatchery

Water Intake Replacement
In order to repair the hatchery water intake it was necessary to hire technicians from Spaeder Plumbing and Engineering and
divers and equipment operators from Lake Shore Towing Co. The intake protective well was replaced, new water lines were put in and two jet pumps were installed in the hatchery to bring in the water from the slip into the hatchery. A air bubbler was also installed to keep ice from forming at the intake

New Paint Job
Painters from the Awesome Painting Co. gave the entire interior of the hatchery a new coat of paint.

Upgraded, Repaired, Painted and Ready for work

After months of hard work by our hatchery crew the SONS fish hatchery was ready for operation. The crew cleaned, built and rearranged the facility into what should be an efficient operation. Years of accumulated clutter and obsolete pieces of equipment were removed. Storage cabinets and shelves were added. The interior was rearranged hopefully to increase efficiency.



Click here for a history of Erie's early hatchery operations

Brown Trout Arrive December 13th, 2019

 On Friday December 13th a PFBC truck from their Linesville hatchery delivered 620 brown trout to our facility at the foot of Chestnut St. Ten of our volunteers were on hand to receive the fish which were mostly over  6 inches long. They will be held until April when they will be released into the Presque Isle Bay. They should be close to nine inches by that time.

The arrival of the brown trout triggered a five month project that involved the daily feeding of the fish, cleaning the tanks weekly, monitoring water quality and temperatures.