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Since 1995 the SONS of Lake Erie has been in a continuing partnership with the Habitat Unit of the PA Fish and Boat Commission, the PA DCNR, PA Sea Grant and even the Erie School District building and deploying hundreds of habitat structures into Presque Isle Bay and surrounding waters. Along with our partners we have built financed and placed over 400 of these structures. On October 2nd we continued another chapter in this story. Twenty -two SONS volunteers gathered in the parking lot on the East side of Misery Bay along with four members of the PFBC Habitat team, Dave Boughton from PA Sea Grant and a DCNR back hoe operator. Dave Boughton has been the primary organizer and planner of this project for the last several years.  There were no kids from Erie High this year due to the threat of inclement weather. We set up a tent and we went to work.

Unlike most other years, the PFBC purchased 60 pre-built vertical plank habitat structures which were already staged in the parking lot. The completed structures cost $90 each and were paid for through our Lake Erie Stamp monies.  Our job was to attach brush piles to the top of the structures using banding tools. The brush was cut by DCNR personnel in Presque Isle State Park and trucked to Misery Bay.  When that operation was completed the Habitat Crew used two specially equipped boats to transport and deploy the 360 plus pound structures after they were loaded by the DCNR high lift operator.

All of the 60 structures were placed in Misery Bay. See shaded area on the included drawing for their rough location. A map showing all of the locations where structures have been placed since 1995 and their GPS coordinates can be seen on the PFBC web site at There is also a link on our web site -

A lunch was served when the work was completed and we had fun in spite of the rain.

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The Habitat Team from the PFBC recently posted videos that they took around the fish habitat structures in Presque Isle Bay. The above are screen grabs taken from those videos. To see them go to YouTube at  There is another video that was taken at Beltzville Lake in Pennsylvania in 2018. It can be seen at  you can see that they are obviously working by attracting fish.

Below are some screen shots from YOU TUBE