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On Tuesday October 3rd twenty five SONS of Lake Erie volunteers gathered at Vista #3 on Presque Isle State Park to build fish habitat structures. They were joined by 23 students from Erie High School and faculty advisors. This great crew assembled 25 mini porcupine fish habitat structure under the direction of the Fish Commissionís Cooperative Habitat Improvement Program (CHIP) team. The CHIP team not only provided instructions but provided all of the materials and equipment to complete the assembly of the structures.

This year marks our 22nd year of participation in the fish habitat program since we joined in a partnership with DCNR at Presque Isle State Park and PFBC. Since 1995 we completed over 450
structures including porcupine cribs, bass nesting boxes, stake trees all designed to provide habitat and refuge for smaller fish. They were submerged around Presque Isle Bay, the Marina, Misery Bay, Waterworks Pond, East Canal basin and Lake Erie near the Hammermill crib and the old Gulf Oil intake crib. The bottoms of the bay and lake are generally featureless and flat with no structure. We hope that the artificial habitat will provide this.  A map of the habitat placement and a further description, photos and a link ( are available on our web page

The program is permitted through the PA DEP and Army Corps of Engineers.

A back hoe was furnished by Presque Isle State Park was used to move the 400 lb porcupine cribs to the PFBC.s  specially equipped boat which the team brought with them to place the structures in Bay waters. This year they were distributed in 10 ft of water between Vista #2 and #3. The high school kids went out on the PFBC boat and helped place them.

The structures cost about $50.00 each and were paid for by Lake Erie Stamp monies.

It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.

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