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It is our policy to reward those who generously donate their time and energy buy volunteering at our many events every year. In the past we do this by sponsoring a picnic for all of these great individuals. Co-vid 19 threw a monkey wrench into that plan for the summers of 2020-2021. Our last picnic was  held on August 5, 2019.

Our 2022 Volunteer Appreciation picnic was held on Monday August 1, 2022 at Shadeís Beach. There were 115 volunteers in attendance ( this include 10 former officers or directors) who had volunteered in our club activities more than 3 times. All of the guests were given updated SONS of Lake Erie T-shirts. 


Ron Lubak, our former club president and longtime director who recently passed away, enlisted his family members to put on a volunteers picnic every year for 25 years. Ron had an outstanding ability to organize and plan that he put to use to provide enjoyable experiences for our volunteers.

In spite of Ronís death the Lubak family volunteered to continue with the tradition. Ronís son,  Kevin Lubak was appointed by our board of directors to finish out his dadís term. Following in his footsteps Kevin again enlisted the help of his family and produced a great picnic. 

This year our food was provided by Teresaís Deli located at West 32nd and Greengarden Blvd.

We offer our sincere appreciation to Kevin and the Lubak family. Your dad would be so proud!


If you like to help up out with our activities you know that we ask that you sign in. We take these sign in sheets and add up total amount of times that each of you have come to help out. Since August of 2021 to August 1, 2022 our volunteers have signed in more than 600 times. If you take 4 hours as the average amount of time each person spends per sign in,  it adds up to more than 2400 hours. There was a total of 34 separate sign in days.


There were 150 individuals who gave generously of their time and efforts to make our club the success that it has been. We keep a total for each volunteer and we can see who gave the most of their time.

When the tally was completed we found that there were 38 volunteers that came to work 8 times or more. Of that group the volunteer that spent the most time at work for the club was Joe Springer who signed in 94 times. The next in line was Jack Bock followed by Don Tombaugh, John Krupinski, Ron Morrow and Bob Zawadzki. Coincidently these prior five dedicated individuals are members of our hatchery committee which is our longest and most time consuming project lasting for about 7 months each year. 

The following volunteers responded to our calls for workers more than 8 times in order of most to least : Mary Runser, Rich Brine, Larry Lipinski, Ralph Friend, Bert Camp, Jim Christensen, Herb Kightlinger, Rich Cass, Jack     Klapthor, Mildred Kightlinger, Tom  Nichols, Tom Pruzenski, Jack Hartman, Dave Miller, Chuck  Miller, Keith Cauvel, Bill Joslin, Doug Smith, Katie Krupinski, Doug Vest, Buddy   Yurcak, Mike  Felege, Bill Henderson, Paul Holtz, Mike Kabasinski, Ed Kissell , John Kovach, Kevin Lubak, Ken Minns, Rich Smith and  Bill Stewart 

In appreciation for their work these volunteers were given a special SONS windbreaker jacket.

The weather was perfect, the company was outstanding, the food was great and we had a great time.  

Our member volunteers are the greatest bunch of people that I have had the privilege to work with. I am so proud of what we have accomplished thanks to them and the rest of our membership.

Scroll down to see photos taken at the picnic by Tom Pruzenski