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On August 6th 121 dedicated SONS of Lake Erie Volunteers gathered at the Shade’s Beach picnic area to celebrate a years’ worth of volunteerism and service to our club. As we posted in
our July Bucket “Since July 2017 our super team of volunteers has generously donated their time and hard work on at least 55 different occasions. 163 different individuals volunteered at least once during that 12 month period working over 4800 hours at family fishing events, hatchery operations, shows, habitat building, kids’ events and more.”
Sadly not all of the eligible volunteers attended the picnic. They missed a great event thanks to the expert preparation by SONS Director, Ron Lubak and his family including his wife Audrey, son Kevin and his wife Leslie and several Lubak granddaughters.” Team Lubak” as we like to call them has provided us with great picnics for so long I can’t remember. They hired Trawka’s market to furnish the food and as usual it was outstanding
and there were plenty of beverages to wash it down.
Directors Jack Klapthor, Bill Henderson and Rich Brine were given the task of selecting a gift for all of our dedicated volunteers. This year they chose to give them a new T-shirt with the SONS logo a perch and “Let’s Go Fishing”. We like to update our shirts every two years as they get worn out.
Amongst all of our volunteers there are some that go above and beyond. This year we would like to declare that SONS Director Joe Springer was our Volunteer of the Year. He responded 176 times to our request for volunteers. Thanks Joe! Director Bob Zawadzki came in second logging in with 142 events. Following these two outstanding individuals was another group that volunteered on 50 or more occasions. We like to call them the over 50 club they are: Rich, Smith, Jack Hartman, Chuck Miller, Rich Brine, Larry Lipinski, Jack Bock, Don Tombaugh and Ralph Friend. We had another 43 members who volunteered more than 8 times. There was another gift of a shirt and hat for each of 54 volunteers that responded 8 or more times.
Our member volunteers are the greatest bunch of people that I have had the privilege to work with. I am so proud of what we have accomplished thanks to them and the rest of our membership.

Scroll down to see photos taken at the picnic by Tom Pruzenski