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On Monday August 8th, one hundred and twenty of our volunteers gathered at Shade’s Beach  for our annual Volunteers’ Picnic. The weather was great, maybe a little warm. The Sun was shining and there was a nice breeze flowing through the outstanding Harborcreek Township Parks Dept. picnic shelter.

S.O.N.S. longtime director and past president, Ron Lubak, acted as chairman for the day and together with members of his family put together a great picnic with great food that was provided through Trawka’s Catering Service which was accompanied by a variety of great beverages. Dessert was a birthday cake in celebration of S.O.N.S. director, Gerry Vollentine’s 70th birthday.

After a couple of hours of fellowship and food the culmination of the event was a tribute to our outstanding group o volunteers. Every year since we started the volunteers’ celebration we have singled out our most outstanding members. This year we honored our top three volunteers who have given so much of their time to work on club events and projects. They were Joe Springer, Bob Zawadzki and Larry Lipinski. These three men were presented with a personalized guide shirt with the SONS logo in grateful appreciation of their outstanding work.

We also honored 65 more of our volunteers all who have helped out more than six times throughout the year. They were given a SONS thirty fifth anniversary commemorative sweatshirt.

Alll of those who attended the picnic were given a souvenir of the event. The men were given a SONS 35th Anniversary T shirt and the ladies were given a choice of a T shirt or SONS  sun visor.

Our Kitchen Crew & Picnic Wizards

Our top volunteers L to R Bob Zawadzki, Pres. Jerry Skrypzak Larry Lipinski & Joe Springer