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S.O.N.S. Take Vets Out Fishing


Several years ago the Pennsylvania Legislature enacted the Small Games of Chance Program that allows social clubs to do fund raising by selling raffle tickets, tip boards, bingo games and other small games of chance on the condition that a portion of the proceeds be donated to non-profit organizations like the S.O.N.S. Over the years we have been a beneficiary of these donations. Some of these donations to us come from veterans clubs like the VFW and the American Legion. We have set aside these contributions and working with other organizations like Veteranís Administration Hospital, the Soldiers and Sailors Home and others we have sponsored free fishing trips for our brave military veterans.  In 2022 we sponsored 21 veterans free fishing trips on the Perch Pirate head boat on various occasions throughout the summer.

We also chartered the handicapped accessible At the Lake Ministries specially equipped former fish tug the Jo Ann M on Tuesday September 13, 2022, when nine ambulatory as well as wheel chair veterans from the PA Soldiers and Sailors Home and their support staff along with SONS Volunteers who were also veterans boarded the vessel after a safety briefing and short prayer led by the boatís captain Rev. Rob Wilson. The vessel loaded the passengers at the ferry dock on Presque Isle State Park. The boarding  went quite smoothly with the assistance of Captain Dan Wilson, SONS volunteers and staff from the agencies. The Jo-Ann M motored out onto Presque Isle Bay where the vets were treated to a fishing experience. There was a slight drizzle at the beginning of the trip which changed to sunshine at the conclusion. They appeared to have a great time. After the outing they were treated to a picnic lunch at the Rotary Pavilion on Presque isle State Park that was prepared by SONS volunteers.

Hopefully we can organize more trips for veterans in 2023.

Jo-Ann M is a re-constructed former commercial fishing boat operated by "At the Lake Ministries"

You can learn more about " At the Lake Ministries" at