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        S.O.N.S. ICE OUT PARTY Sunday April 7, 2019

Over 500 men, women and kids came to the Erie Shrine Club in Erie on Sunday April 7th to join in the fun at our 38th Annual Ice Out Party. By the time the “Fin and Fur” drawing, which is traditionally held at the end of the party was done, a lot of fun and games became history.

We served over 1200 hot dogs, 900 bags of potato chips, 5 kegs of beer, thousands of baked beans, gallons of soda, gallons of Greek sauce, pounds of macaroni salad and sauerkraut. The 500 guests left with about 100 fishing rods, dozens of lures, tackle, fishing vests and so many other prizes that the list would fill pages. Every kid got a specially designed SONS T-shirt. There was a special “Ladies Only” drawing too.

Ron Lubak and his crew composed of Team Lubak family members kept the kids busy with a game which Ron designed and built kept the kids coming back in an attempt to win the hundreds of toys and other prizes including plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. There was a perch coloring contest to keep the kids occupied during the day. Ron’s crew also raffled off some nice items with a Chinese auction and tip board raffles.

Jack Bock and his crew of 20 SONS volunteers cooked and served food for 4 hours straight with the help of a professional Shrine Club cook. Chuck Miller held a Wine & Swine raffle with his crew of 6 selling tips on a ham, a bottle of wine and more. John Larese and John Schultz passed out Utz chips. Sue and Marshall Chase sold thousands of pull tab tickets. Bob Zawadzki and his team spun the Big Six wheel hundreds of times. John Krupinski with the help of Joe and Barb Jaruszewicz and Tom Pruzenski operated the “SONS Store” handing out the free kids T-shirts as well as selling other SONS’ Stuff. Rich Smith ran a mug game. Bill Brown and Bill Stewart monitored the beer wagon checking ages and passing out cups. Our guests were met at the front door by Jim Mattson, Dick Kelley, Buddy Yurcak, Rich Brine and Jack Hartman. Inside Gary Heubel, Brittany Heubel, Bill Henderson, Rick Mel Perry, Dave Schmidt and Justin Mattson helped the gusts turn in raffle tickets, memberships and purchase raffle tickets. Steve, John and Tom Skrypzak sold tips. Ed Kissell called out hundreds of winning raffle tickets while Jack Klapthor, Sharon Lipinski , Kelsey Grabinski, Mike Felege, Don Daugherty and Ray Halt passed out prizes to the winners all while Will Richardson and Mason Skelly brought more raffle tickets to the stage. Paul Holtz auctioned off merchandise including prints and bottles of wine. In all over 70 SONS volunteers worked to make the event a success leaving our great treasurer Terry Pfeffer to count the proceeds and determine if the party was also financial success. We hope everyone had fun.



Fin and Fur Drawing Winners

The culmination of our “Ice Out Party” is always the drawing of the winning tickets of our “Fin and Fur” raffle. The raffle was organized many years ago by Director and founding member, Bob Zawadzki, who has organized the raffle every year since. The raffle is our biggest fund raiser. We have had great success with it over the years thanks to the hard work of our volunteers selling tickets at shows and gun raffles that begin in the summer and run until our Ice Out Party.

Nick Ochs of Clarion was the lucky Grand Prize winner of this year’s Fin and Fur raffle. He has yet to decide whether to take the ATV or the boat. The winning ticket number was #21334 Twelve more prizes were drawn and the winners as well as the prize donors are listed as follows:

2nd Prize- 8 hour Lake Erie Fishing Charter on “Heartbeat” by Cpt. Bob Ferraro was won by Joel Schaefer of Erie ticket # 13048
3rd Prize- 4 hour afternoon lake trout Spring Charter on “Waterbok” by Cpt. Steve Skrypzak was won by Scott Esser of Gibsonia ticket # 05828
4th Prize- 12 ga. Benelli pump shotgun from Edinboro Sports Sponsored by Church and Murdock Electric was won by Stella Haraburda of Erie ticket# 13348
5th Prize- $300 gift cert. to Edinboro Sports sponsored by Winschel Bros. Landscaping Co. was won by Wayne Kramer of Bulger. PA ticket # 05775
6th Prize- $250 gift cert. to Poor Richard’s Bait & Tackle Shop sponsored by Poor Richard’s was won by Karen Allessie of Erie ticket #01158
7th Prize- $250 gift cert. to FishUSA sponsored by FishUSA and Fish Erie was won by Jason Lynde of Wattsburg ticket # 18564
 8th Prize- $250 gift cert. to Link’s Taxidermy sponsored by Alex Roofing Co. was won by Cody Craker of St. Claresville, Ohio ticket# 05323
9th Prize- $250 gift cert. to Poor Richard’s Bait &Tackle by Hertl & Brown Physical & Aquatic Therapy was won by Dwane Jones of Harborcreek ticket# 02926
10th Prize- $200.00 in admission tickets on the Perch Pirate head boat was won by Rob Sheldon of Fairview ticket # 17531
11th Prize- $150 gift certificate to FishUSA sponsored by Janitors Supply was won by Lee Sheldrake of Erie ticket# 20978
12th Prize- One year membership to Lake Shore Towing sponsored by Cpt. Eric Guerrein was won by Lea Hinkler of Wattsburg ticket# 19221