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        S.O.N.S. ICE OUT PARTY Sunday April 9th, 2017

The S.O.N.S. annual fund raiser the “Ice Out Party” was held on Sunday  April 9th at the Erie Shrine Club. Seventy SONS volunteers and Shrine Club personnel put together an outstanding event. More than 500 men, women and kids spent the afternoon playing games, feasting on over 1200 hot dogs, gallons of baked beans, macaroni salad, Greek sauce, sauerkraut and beverages. Over 700 bags of chips were dispensed.   

There was a Chinese auction, a wine and ham raffle and other assorted games of chance. There was also a perch coloring contest and candy guessing game for the kids. A constant stream of door prizes flowed from the stage as SONS VP Ed Kissell pulled hundreds of winning numbers from a drum.

Numerous businesses and individuals donated hundreds of prizes. We are still compiling a list of these donors and we will publish a list in next month’s issue of the Bucket.

There was a special raffle for kids where every kid got a prize. They were given Frog Togs kids’ fishing vests with “Take Me Fishing” printed on the back or a small tackle box depending on their size. The vests were only available in little angler sizes. We also had special raffle for the ladies and they were presented with a zipper cooler bag.

The event came to end with the drawing of the winning “Fin and Fur” raffle tickets. The grand prize was won by Leon Krystek of Erie. He has chosen to accept the ATV.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our volunteers, donors and the Shrine Club staff that made this event such a great success.



Fin and Fur Drawing Winners

Below is a list of the winners of the 2017 Fin and Fur Raffle Winners

2017 Fin &Fur 
Prize Description  Winner City State  Ticket #  Donor
1 Choice ATV-Boat Leon Krystek Erie PA 15125 Alex Motor Sports
2 Perch Charter Mrs. Val Hamm Erie PA 00654 Lk. Erie Custom Charters
3 Lake Trout Charter Clarence Bell Seneca PA 18403 Capt. Steve Skrypzak
4 Edward John trip John Ott Erie PA 16602 Edward John Perch 
5 Poor Rich Gift Cert William Dudzic Oil City PA 11328 Poor Richards Bait 
6 GPS Cassie Nagle Erie PA 01273 Janitors Supply
7 12 Ga Benalli  Jack Albertson Erie PA 00698 Church &Murdock
8 Marlin 22 Jamie Shatto Erie PA 00435 Winschell Bros
9 Fish USA Gift Cert Gerald Hetrick Erie PA 01370 Fish USA
10 Lake Shore Towing Ron Brommer Bessemer PA 03467 Lake Shore Towing
11 Poor Rich Gift Cert Aaron Dick Erie PA 03428 Hertel Brown
12 Link's Taxidermy Cert Bruce Rosenthal Erie PA 17514 Capt. Pete Alex
13 10 trips Perch Pirate Dennis Cordas Erie PA 00248 Perch Pirate Charters