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Our hatchery which operates under the guidance of the PFBC’s Cooperative Nursery program began its season of operation on Thursday November 16th when a truck and driver from PFBC’s Corry Hatchery brought 660 Brown trout to the S.O.N.S. hatchery at the foot of Chestnut St. Most of the fish were 6 inches long. They were brought to us for the fourth consecutive year for rearing in our facility. We hope by being allowed to grow in our hatchery they will become imprinted with Presque Isle Bay waters and will return to the Bay to spawn.

For the next few months our great hatchery crew fed the trout, cleaned the tanks and fussed over them like caring parents. In mid-April over 400 of the 9-10 inch brown trout were stocked into Presque Isle Bay. Sixty of them were taken by Fish Commission biologists for sampling and study. The balance of 106 Trout were kept behind to show the visitors to our annual open house.

On April 20th Bob Zawadzki, Joe Springer and Rich Brine traveled to the PFBC’s hatchery at Linesville, PA to collect our annual allotment of Walleye eggs. We were given at least one million eggs. They were placed in our hatchery’s hatching jars where they completed hatching on May 4th. Our facility was opened to the public for an open house on Saturday and Sunday May 5th and 6th when over sixty people came to visit, including a Boy Scout troop.

All of the walleye and remaining trout were stocked into the bay on Monday May 7th.  The summer months will be utilized to upgrade the hatchery’s wiring and equipment.

We would like to express our gratitude to our great hatchery crew for all of their hard work. Some of those who helped out were: were Hatchery Manager Bob Zawadzki, Joe Springer, Don Tombaugh, Jack Bock, Sam Brady, Rich Smith, Rich Brine, Kevin Jonosco, Max Rogers and Guy Roussel-Dupre  Jim Mattson, Ray Yurchak, Buddy Yurchak, Jack Hartman, Ralph Friend, Jim Christensen, Larry Lipinski and for any other volunteers who helped whose names are not here.

Brown Trout Arrive November 16th, 2017

Walleye Eggs Arrive April 20th, 2018

Hatchery Open House May 5 & 6, 2018

Fish Stocking May 7th, 2018